Starrett 8 piece knife set

$135.00 incl GST

Starrett 8 piece knife set includes:

Boning Knives:

BKW 106-6, 150mm de-boning curved narrow blade

BKW 104-6, 150mm de-boning straight narrow blade

BKW 103-6, 150mm de-boning straight wide blade

BKW 104-8, 200mm de-boning straight narrow blade

Butchers Knives:

BKW 301-10, 250mm table trim triangular wide blade

Sharpening Steel:

BKW 407-10, 250mm Knurled finish, re-aligns the edge

Sharpening Steel Protector:

BKW 5, Ø300mm Protection and user safety

Sharpening Stone:

KBKS 1, 200x50x25mm – Double grits – thinning: 120 grit; finishing: 320 grit

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Starrett knife set