Adept Lamb Clip Rodders

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The Adept Lamb Rodder serves a crucial role in separating the weasand (oesophagus) from the trachea and other connecting tissues during processing. It facilitates the application of the Adept Lamb Weasand Clip by pushing it into position with precision and ease.
  • Designed for optimal separation of connecting tissues without the need for cutting, ensuring efficient processing and preserving the integrity of the meat.
  • Optional added blade feature provides the convenience of quick trimming, allowing for customisation according to specific processing requirements.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design enhances user comfort and minimizes fatigue during prolonged use, promoting efficiency in the processing line.
  • Polished finish not only lends a professional appearance but also facilitates easy cleaning and sterilisation, maintaining hygiene standards and minimising the risk of contamination.
  • Fast and easy operation streamlines the processing workflow, contributing to overall productivity and reducing processing time.

The Adept Lamb Rodder stands as a reliable and versatile tool in the meat processing industry, offering precision, efficiency, and hygiene. Its innovative design and user-friendly features ensure seamless integration into processing operations, allowing for smooth and consistent results.

AD0142-050-Lamb Clip Rodder
AD0142-090-Lamb Clip Rodder with Blade

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