Boride General Purpose Polishing Stone AM-2 900

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The Boride general purpose polishing stone, features aluminum oxide with a soft structure for fast breakdown.

The Boride AM-2 stone, is a popular general purpose stone, designed to be your go-to finishing tool. Ideal for hand polishing, it’s perfect for all mold and die steels.

Thanks to its soft cutting action and optimal breakdown speed, AM-2 allows for pre-finishing on non-ferrous metals like aluminum, beryllium, kirksite, and high chrome/nickel stainless steel. For best results, some users prefer using water when finishing kirksite. You have the option to use it with or without a lubricant.

Sharpening/Polishing Stone

  • Grit: 900
  • Size: 1/4″ X 1″ X 6″

Note: Image shows the other grits but the 900 is only included.


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BORRIDE STONE – AM-2 900 – STOAM-2-900

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