Niroflex Mesh Apron

$376.43$436.76 incl GST

The Niroflex Mesh Apron is the pinnacle of safety and comfort in protective workwear. Crafted with 100% stainless steel mesh, it provides unparalleled protection against workplace hazards. The blue hygienic TPU waist strap ensures a secure fit, while the nylon strap, made from food-grade material, enhances durability. Its easy-to-clean design without residue makes it perfect for food processing environments.

  • 100% Stainless steel fabrication
  • Blue hygienic TPU waist strap
  • Easy cleaning without residue
  • Fitted with nylon strap food grade material
  • Apron includes blue waist strap/harness

Available in 3 options – Please enquire for a quote or if you require more information.


NIROFLEX MESH APRON – TYPE 600 N2000AP600CL, N2000AP8055, N2000AP7455

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